Why is Business Booming for Atlanta Psychics?

You may already know the answer to this question. Atlanta is one of the worst hit cities of the economic recession. Atlanta has always relied heavily on real estate for a healthy economy, but when the economy began to fall a few years ago and new construction fell – it has been in a steady decline ever since.

However, this has resulted in a booming business for Atlanta psychics like JuLee Hawkfeather. JuLee says, “my clientele used to ask questions about love and romance, now they want to know if their job is safe or what they should do about their retirement accounts.”

I get new clients daily that come to me for answers and guidance for surviving in today’s economy. They are genuinely frightened about the future and the best way to take care of their families. Most have either lost their job or they are about to lose their job. They need to know what lies ahead for them if they stay on their current energy path.

Atlanta Psychics | Reading The Energy of a Client

atlanta-psychic-medium-julee-hawkfeatherI read energy and in the beginning of a reading I can pick up on issues that are blocking the client. I can, before we even get to a lost job or possibility of losing one, pick up on the thought process that produced or is producing the negative event.

With my spiritual coaching program, what I can do is help them see that by changing their energy and focus they can change their path or destiny. People don’t understand that their anger and disgust with family, significant others, bosses and co-workers is what creates havoc in their lives. They’d rather be mad at their siblings, mother, father, etc and ignore the fact that their dream has very little ability to materialize because their core is so out of sync with Creation!

When I do a psychic reading, what I see for a client is never set in stone. By coming to me and learning new skills from my spiritual coaching they can begin to create different physical experiences – the ones they prefer to experience.

I like to help people thrive not just survive and being an intuitive psychic is very rewarding in that I am able to do just that. Spending time with me for a psychic reading or learning empowerment skills in my spiritual coaching program allows me to help people change their lives for the better.

As an Atlanta psychic I can see people in face to face readings if they are in the Atlanta area, but most of my work is done globally over the telephone. Time and space do not hinder my psychic abilities.

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