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Soul Retrieval Is A Healing Technique


Soul Retrieval is a healing technique that for many thousands of years has brought healing to those who suffer the fragmented “self” that human condition of lack of wholeness and loss of purpose that entraps so many.

The basic idea is that when we experience trauma or a sad event in our lives, a part of who we are separates from us in an effort to survive and not be impacted by the pain of the event. If a part of our essence is missing how do we go about bringing it back to ourselves?

The idea being that these fragmented parts of “self, or soul have split off and have become lost. The shaman calls these soul parts back to the client and a healing takes place.

Today many of us don’t feel that we are totally here. So many of us are not living life as fully as we would like. It could be said that this is a very common occurrence in our society. Many search for meaning, purpose, joy and happiness only to find their dreams and desires are elusive. We look to the future in hopes of a new life, a more rewarding and exciting existence.

Soul Retrieval Benefits Adults and Children

Many who seek this type of healing work are children of divorce, grew up in homes with active drug or alcohol abuse present; survived emotional or physical abuse- as children or adults; others lived through major illness either physical or mental within their families or themselves; or other tragedies large and small. These are only some of the conditions that create for us the splintered “self” or lost soul.

Even the smallest event can deprive an impressionable child, teenager or adult of a sense of self if it occurs at a crucial or dramatic time in our lives. The shamanism work of Soul Retrieval can change that life and bring back a true sense of self and awareness that has been missing for most of a lifetime.

Soul Retrieval Requires a One Hour Session and Must be scheduled and paid for 24 hours in advance.

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