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Will I Ever Find Love?

JuLee Hawkfeather Love Expert

Will You Ever Find Love?

If you are asking yourself the question, “will I ever find love?”chances are it’s you who is doing the resisting and blocking love from coming into your life. You are not alone; everyone has resistance to something in their lives. Usually, it’s the thing we want the most that get’s blocked from coming to us by our doubts and fears.

Carl Jung first said, “What you resist persist”. To resist means to oppose or push against, so when you put your focus on struggling against an unwanted situation or the belief that you have difficulty in relationships – that’s resistance to the natural flow of love into your life.

What you are effectively saying and therefore, vibrating to the Universe is, “It’s difficult for me to find love” and so the universe supports your belief and sets up experiences and bad relationships to make that your experience. Read More→

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy – Is It Right For You?

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

The reality is that hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy are incredibly useful in helping individuals to overcome many annoying or outright disturbing habits and destructive life patterns. Hypnosis’ best use is as an educational process to help clients deal with certain goals and motivations. The client is an active participant and it is through their willingness to circumvent the logical mind in favor of the creative sub-conscious which leads ultimately to their success.

The learning or re-learning process begins with the first hypnosis session. Once hypnotized, the client is encouraged to do self-hypnosis between sessions. The purpose of this is to strengthen the subliminal process and to facilitate the desired life changes. During the first meeting a decision is made by the client and hypnotherapist, as to what goals or achievements are to be directed in the individual’s life. These same goals are then implemented as suggestions during the hypnotic session. Read More→