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How To Prepare For A Psychic Reading

If you have been considering making an appointment, but just aren’t sure about how to prepare for a reading I have put together a short list of steps to help you prepare for a successful reading. Nothing difficult, but there are some things to consider to ensure that you are open to the energy that surrounds a psychic reading, so you can get the most from your reading.

A successful psychic reading is best described as a session where you learn something about yourself and your life experience that perhaps you didn’t know beforehand. This new information may have a positive life changing experience for you by preparing you for something or restraining you from doing an action or even giving you the green light to move forward. Read More→

What Is Soul Retrieval | Atlanta Psychics

Soul Retrieval Is A Healing Technique


Soul Retrieval is a healing technique that for many thousands of years has brought healing to those who suffer the fragmented “self” that human condition of lack of wholeness and loss of purpose that entraps so many.

The basic idea is that when we experience trauma or a sad event in our lives, a part of who we are separates from us in an effort to survive and not be impacted by the pain of the event. If a part of our essence is missing how do we go about bringing it back to ourselves? Read More→