Is Spiritual Coaching Right For You?

spiritual coachingSimply put, a spiritual coach facilitates his/her clients’ spiritual growth and awakening. We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience in a veiled existence of 3-D amnesia. With a spiritual coach you can begin to remember all that you really are… before you came into this existence.

Spiritual coaching is a one on one deep exploration teaching program. Consider it being on the fast track to waking up and rediscovering the core essence of who you really are beyond this dimension. What joy to become empowered and discover your true purpose without the dull programming and burdens you carry in this life!

Together, coach and client take the spirit energy that is within each of us and begin using it as a tool for profound personal change and transformation. This can run the scope from people at the very beginning of awakening to spiritual life to those well advanced on a spiritual Path.

It is through your connection to the creative intelligence of the universe that will guide you and support you through these ever changing and fear based times. The coach and client will then devise a plan for reaching the client’s spiritual goals. Are you looking to release limiting beliefs and become your true self? Would you like to explore the metaphysical side of spirituality and learn to open your pineal gland and activate your intuitive psychic abilities?

Our sessions will include psychic/medium and hypnosis sessions, instructions to accomplish desired abilities, removing emotional/mental/spiritual blocks, and instruction in achieving skills needed to advance and move forward on the individual path of awakening.

The client will also experience how to remove blocks to meditation and controlling inner mind chatter. We’ll also explore opening awareness to psychic abilities and guidance in opening the third eye.

Clearing and removing energies from self and properties can be included, if needed. If the client is ready, either the initial opening or further opening of and acceptance of the client’s innate abilities for one or all of the intuitive gifts  such as clairaudient, clairvoyance, and or “clear knowing” can also be included. These sessions will strengthen your intuitive abilities even if you are not ready for full psychic abilities, nor is this program purely for those individuals who desire a psychic path in life. More importantly, this is for those clients who desire a spiritual heart connection and who are ready to embrace their true path in this life.

Each client progresses according to their inner knowing and the manner in which it they are ready to embrace their innate abilities.

If you are interested in exploring this coaching program please fill out the appointment form and designate Spiritual Coaching. You will receive an e-mail from JuLee’s assistant JA to schedule your telephone interview to see if this program is appropriate for you. Keep in mind that there is a limited number of openings for this program.