Is Finding Love Like Winning The Lottery?

relationship-psychic-julee-hawkfeatherWe all are subject to the hoopla surrounding lottery winners and the feverish activity surrounding those who want to win and win big. TV crews are out in numbers documenting the crowds gathered at locations for last minute purchases of the hoped for big winning ticket.

Don’t they all know that the odds are stacked against them? Statistically speaking they say that only one out of 5 million will have their dreams come true. Those are terrible odds!

Just a few dollars and you have a chance at your dreams. Not all, but some of the dedicated buy lottery tickets all year, all month and all week. They can’t help themselves — it’s a driving force. They try and try and try again. Loosing doesn’t seem to have an effect or discouragement for them – they are caught in a stalemate position of never moving forward. They are going through the motions of buying a ticket and hoping to win, but deep down not really believing that they will win. What’s worse is that their subconscious belief that they won’t win is what’s causing their stalemate.

The truth is that they are perpetually in the state of mind of “wanting” or “trying” to win the money – that’s their vibration or energy. So, the universe picks up on it and sends them more experiences of “not winning”, so they will continue to be in the state of mind of “wanting” or “trying” to win the money. This is the Law of Attraction – like vibration attracts like vibration or it’s better known as, “You get what you subconsciously expect!”

Can Love Find You?

But what of those who want Love? What if we had a lottery for Love? Would you buy a lottery ticket for Love? And if you did what are the odds that you would be a winner. Well, I can tell you they wouldn’t be any different than those given by the lottery money opportunities.
What would it take to be a winner in the Love lottery?

First thing, you would need to eliminate your resistance to winning at Love. Just as the lottery winners concentrated on their not resisting winning it would be the same thing for those who win in Love.

But wait a minute how do you know if you are resisting Love?

Here are seventeen keys that you might be resisting love. See if you can identify with at least one or more:

When the subject of Love comes up you:

  • You change the subject or maybe leave the room
  • You excuse yourself and go to the bathroom
  • You are late or cancel dates or appointments (classic resistance)
  • Seem to have a bug ( being sick)
  • Refuse to pay attention to someone you asked for help
  • Procrastination
  • Filling your day with busy work
  • Wasting time on television or celebrity gossip websites
  • Suddenly start or stop relationships
  • Experience several breakdowns-cars, appliances, etc.
  • Eating (excessively)
  • Drinking (excessively)
  • Smoking
  • Blame others for blocking you
  • Blame yourself
  • Are impatient with yourself
  • Hide your feelings from yourself or others

All of the above helps to create the Love Lottery that you unknowingly have almost zero chances of winning as long as you resist those emotionally fear based beliefs that are creating your resistance.

The good news is you have a far better chance of winning Love than any odds given for the lottery. So, how do you end the lottery for Love and actually win at Love?

There’s’ help!

Are You Subconsciously Resisting Love?

Hopefully, you’ve just now realized that you are subconsciously resisting Love. This is a first step to understanding that you are naturally not giving yourself the opportunity to have Love.

How does one change on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level? This takes going into your core, the inner you, the you that has, for a very long time, been repeating and repeating the same mistakes.

It takes changing your “software” those thoughts, stories, historical accounts-either real or imagined that you have unwittingly incorporated into your subconscious.

These are your “so called truths” that aren’t working for you. Many refer to these concepts as self-limiting beliefs.

This list goes somewhat like this:

  • I’m too old
  • All the good men are married
  • Men are all alike
  • If it’s meant to be it will be
  • I’m not desperate
  • I’m just too busy with my career

And on and on it goes…

Find The Love You Want

Somewhere on the inside, you are hungry for love, the right love, the love that thinks and acts like real love, undying love, actual love, the fairy tale kind of love…love ever after love, love in the movies kind of love. . .

What if I told you that the world has not only conditioned you for that type of love, but has also, conditioned you for pain and suffering Love.

It’s your choice which type of Love do you want?

It’s time to stand up and be counted for the Love that you desire. After all it has been promised to you, now is the time to do something about giving yourself the gift of Love.

How you ask? HYPNOSIS, yes hypnosis is the quickest way to change your subconscious and eliminate those blocks and limiting beliefs that have you trapped in a life without Love.

About The Author
JuLee Hawkfeather, DD, CH, is a renowned Psychic Medium, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Love Relationship Expert. She has helped hundreds of women and men remove the fears and limiting beliefs that block healthy, loving relationships. Isn’t it time to find your soul mate? Contact JuLee on her website