How To Prepare For A Psychic Reading

If you have been considering making an appointment, but just aren’t sure about how to prepare for a reading I have put together a short list of steps to help you prepare for a successful reading. Nothing difficult, but there are some things to consider to ensure that you are open to the energy that surrounds a psychic reading, so you can get the most from your reading.

A successful psychic reading is best described as a session where you learn something about yourself and your life experience that perhaps you didn’t know beforehand. This new information may have a positive life changing experience for you by preparing you for something or restraining you from doing an action or even giving you the green light to move forward.

Follow These Steps to Ensure a Successful Reading

1. Relax Before a Psychic Reading

If a psychic or clairvoyant is going to connect with a client, that client must be in a relaxed state. Several professional psychics will help or recommend that their clients perform a short meditation, progressive relaxation, or prayer before a session begins.

When an intuitive reader connects they are working primarily with the energy of their client. If that energy is chaotic, stressed out, or in a panic, those feelings may interfere with a psychic’s ability to accurately receive information. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but as a generality this is true for most card readers and clairvoyants.

2. Be Open Minded

Keep yourself open to what the psychic is saying and what messages they are given about you. Its likely that your psychic will know you better than you know yourself, so sit back relax and let the psychic help you. Be open to change.

3. Validate Your Psychic’s Tuned In Energy

If the psychic is saying things that make a lot of sense to you, make sure you tell them. This helps the psychic continue down the right track. If you don’t understand something don’t be afraid to ask.

4. Ask Good Questions During the Psychic Reading

Finally, asking good questions can really help to keep the psychic session focused and on track. The more focused the client the more focused the psychic and their reading. Good questions generally are specific and open ended. Do not ask “yes” or “no” questions. Those don’t leave room for additional information. Here are some good examples:

  • Try “What if” questions. They allow the intuitive reader to make the most of their gifts.
  • Avoid timing questions unless it’s specific. It’s better to ask “Will the house sell within three months?” as opposed to “Will the house ever sell?”
  • Asking private information about another person is unethical and is best avoided. It’s okay to ask “What are my boyfriend’s intentions?” It’s not okay to ask “What is the name of the girl he’s cheating on me with?”
  • It’s always okay to ask for the best way to avoid problems and pitfalls

5. Record the Information of the Psychic Reading

If you can, write down the  information that is said during a session.  Most people have a short attention span and difficulty remembering.  Many psychics offer to record a face to face session.

Psychic Reading Information

It may be good for you to realize that nothing a psychic sees is necessarily set in stone. We are reading your current energy and things will have a better chance of unfolding as it was revealed if you stay on your current path. However, if you receive information that you would like to alter in some way realize that YOU are the creator of your reality and if you change or improve your state of being you can create new circumstances for yourself.

By raising your energy and changing your thought patterns you can create a new life experience reality for yourself. With a reading from me I can give you the clarity and direction you may need to begin a new life path. My spiritual coaching can help you identify recurring self-destructive life patterns so you can make the necessary changes.

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Love to all,
Ju Lee