How To Attract Love Into Your Life

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know that the basic premise is that “like energy attracts like energy”.  What exactly does this mean? It means that to attract something you must have the same energy or the “emotions and feelings” associated with whatever it is that you desire.

What if you desire love? Then what is the energy of love? Stop and think a minute about the love you’ve had for anyone or any thing. What feelings and emotions did you have? What was your state of being at the time?

Be In A Love State of Mind

You may have had feelings of great happiness, joy, bliss, excitement, even tingles and giggles. Sometimes when we are in love the sun shines brighter, the grass is greener, the sky is more blue and we can’t stop smiling. Your entire perception of the world can change when you are engrossed in emotions and feelings.

In other words, our feelings and behaviors are different as we vibrate at different frequencies. So, ask yourself, “if I was in my perfect relationship, with the most perfect person, how different would I feel, behave and conduct my daily life from the way I am right now?

Would you dress differently? Would you eat different foods? Would you go to the grocery store with a different attitude – maybe with a smile on your face? Would you lift your head up higher and stand up straighter? Would you walk with a spring in your step? Would you be happy and greet everyone with a smile?

This is how you exhibit being in the energy of “already having” whatever it is that you desire. You begin to take on the actions and feelings of what it’s like to already be enjoying whatever it is you desire. Below is a wonderful exercise to help you “be” in the energy of love.

Visualization For The Energy Of Love

I like this one and if you practice it daily — you will have results. Imagine that you are standing in front of a woman who has the most wonderful life filled with love, joy and laughter, all the things you desire that would be the personification of the love you imagine.

See her in as much detail as possible. Now, energetically feel that she is there talking with you and exuding the energy of true love as she tells how it feels to be in love. Then begin to imagine that she is really like you – that she is so very much like you. Then you realize that she is so much like you in so many ways that you can feel every little thing that she is telling you emotionally, physically and mentally.

Now, I want you to step into the space that you have imagined her occupying. I want you to feel that you are feeling all that she described. How it felt to be with her love. How it felt when he put his arms around her and hugged her. How it felt when he kissed  her… everything in detail, a repeat of what you imagined previously, when you stood opposite her. Do this over and over again — changing spaces frequently for 30 minutes at a time. Soon, you too will be wearing love just as you imagined that your “lady in love” has.

Does this sound silly to you?  Well, who cares? If it helps you attract the love you want, then do it and have fun with it. People don’t realize how powerful the imagination really is.

You might ask, “how could something like this work?” Well, it’s pretty simple once you know that thoughts are things. Basically you are creating a powerful thought form, an imaginary you — another you. Sometimes people call this a “double you” or a “doppelganger.”

Once you have created this thought form, be careful that it only speaks to a true love and not one that contains old ideas or broken relationship energy. This is not about your lost love or the man you broke up with or divorced many years ago. We do not want to re-create something that has or had a problem, no matter how wonderful the days were when it was ideal.

You may think that this is harder than you want it to be; however, this is when dedication and commitment come into play. It’s a fun way to “be” in the energy of love.


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