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Is Spiritual Coaching Right For You?

spiritual coachingSimply put, a spiritual coach facilitates his/her clients’ spiritual growth and awakening. We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience in a veiled existence of 3-D amnesia. With a spiritual coach you can begin to remember all that you really are… before you came into this existence.

Spiritual coaching is a one on one deep exploration teaching program. Consider it being on the fast track to waking up and rediscovering the core essence of who you really are beyond this dimension. What joy to become empowered and discover your true purpose without the dull programming and burdens you carry in this life!

Together, coach and client take the spirit energy that is within each of us and begin using it as a tool for profound personal change and transformation. This can run the scope from people at the very beginning of awakening to spiritual life to those well advanced on a spiritual Path. Read More→

Is Finding Love Like Winning The Lottery?

relationship-psychic-julee-hawkfeatherWe all are subject to the hoopla surrounding lottery winners and the feverish activity surrounding those who want to win and win big. TV crews are out in numbers documenting the crowds gathered at locations for last minute purchases of the hoped for big winning ticket.

Don’t they all know that the odds are stacked against them? Statistically speaking they say that only one out of 5 million will have their dreams come true. Those are terrible odds!

Just a few dollars and you have a chance at your dreams. Not all, but some of the dedicated buy lottery tickets all year, all month and all week. They can’t help themselves — it’s a driving force. They try and try and try again. Loosing doesn’t seem to have an effect or discouragement for them – they are caught in a stalemate position of never moving forward. They are going through the motions of buying a ticket and hoping to win, but deep down not really believing that they will win. What’s worse is that their subconscious belief that they won’t win is what’s causing their stalemate. Read More→

Will I Ever Find Love?

JuLee Hawkfeather Love Expert

Will You Ever Find Love?

If you are asking yourself the question, “will I ever find love?”chances are it’s you who is doing the resisting and blocking love from coming into your life. You are not alone; everyone has resistance to something in their lives. Usually, it’s the thing we want the most that get’s blocked from coming to us by our doubts and fears.

Carl Jung first said, “What you resist persist”. To resist means to oppose or push against, so when you put your focus on struggling against an unwanted situation or the belief that you have difficulty in relationships – that’s resistance to the natural flow of love into your life.

What you are effectively saying and therefore, vibrating to the Universe is, “It’s difficult for me to find love” and so the universe supports your belief and sets up experiences and bad relationships to make that your experience. Read More→

How To Attract Love Into Your Life

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know that the basic premise is that “like energy attracts like energy”.  What exactly does this mean? It means that to attract something you must have the same energy or the “emotions and feelings” associated with whatever it is that you desire.

What if you desire love? Then what is the energy of love? Stop and think a minute about the love you’ve had for anyone or any thing. What feelings and emotions did you have? What was your state of being at the time? Read More→

Are You Blocking Love? 4 Mistakes You May Be Doing Right Now

julee hawkfeather relationship helpDid you know that it’s never too late for the love that you’ve been waiting for to come into your life? Right now…right where you are, love is searching for you too. The question is will it find you? Are you blocking love from coming into your life?

So many women have already given up on love and they don’t even realize it. Time and time again I see clients who are desperate for healthy loving relationships. These women are very successful in their professional careers, but can’t seem to prosper in love. Why is that? Read More→