Are You Blocking Love? 4 Mistakes You May Be Doing Right Now

julee hawkfeather relationship helpDid you know that it’s never too late for the love that you’ve been waiting for to come into your life? Right now…right where you are, love is searching for you too. The question is will it find you? Are you blocking love from coming into your life?

So many women have already given up on love and they don’t even realize it. Time and time again I see clients who are desperate for healthy loving relationships. These women are very successful in their professional careers, but can’t seem to prosper in love. Why is that?

Clear The Way For Love To Come Through

Let’s explore just one of the reasons. Do any of these statements sound like you? Have you told yourself that all the good men are already taken? Do you believe that you are too busy for love? Do you feel that relationships take too much time and effort and they never work out for you anyway….so why bother? Or do you believe that you’re too old to find anyone who would be interested in you? Does it seem like you only attract losers?

What if I told you that love never gives up, it only waits for that moment when you allow it to come into your life. So, how do you allow love to come into your life? Let’s personify love and ask yourself the question, “am standing in the way of love?”

Below are 4 Action Steps to Allowing Love:

1. Do your beliefs match your desire?  Is your heart open to receiving love? Clean up your thoughts about love. All your beliefs and thoughts come from your heart. All those negative and limiting beliefs about love need to be transformed into unlimited possibilities about love. Remember, your beliefs and thoughts create your life experiences. Do you really believe there is someone perfect for you? Do you really believe that you can have a loving healthy relationship? If you can’t honestly say that deep down you really believe these things are possible, then you may be blocking love. You can start to change those beliefs by saying an affirmation like this, “Divinely guided, infinite intelligence is leading me to the perfect love relationship now.” Now believe it! Keep saying it over and over until it becomes a belief.

2.  Make your Soulmate list. Now that you’ve got your beliefs and desires aligned it’s time to create that perfect mate list. Are you clear about the kind of partner you want to share your life with? If not, you need to get clear about what you want. Will he have a wonderful sense of humor? Beautiful eyes? Be tall? Love the outdoors? An adventurer?  Someone who loves to shop with you? Be as specific as you want – it’s the perfect man for “you”.  Don’t limit the universe either, simply add…. “I’d like a mixture of all these things or something better” and you’re giving the green light for the universe to bring someone better into your life. Maybe someone even better than you can imagine!

3. Toss out your emotional baggage. Now that Love is welcome in your life and you have your wish list – it’s time to toss out your old hurts and wounds from previous relationships. This creates the room in your heart for love. Your heart may be crowded with old relationship baggage. You can decide right here and now to let go of everything and forgive – including yourself. Wipe the slate clean and chalk it all up to valuable experience.  However, if that’s not your style, you can try writing your hurts and feelings as letters to those who have hurt you and then burning them – releasing the hurts back to the universe to be healed by love. Always remember to forgive yourself.

Sometimes we bury our hurts so deeply we may not even be consciously aware of them.  If you have deep emotional hurts about love you can try regression hypnotherapy. Many beliefs and emotions we hold inhabit the subconscious level of our awareness. Regression Hypnotherapy can even uncover causes from other lives that are affecting you in this life.

4. Take Love Action Steps. You need to take action in the physical to manifest a physical experience. This is where you actually clear out room in your closet for someone else to hang their clothes. Start sleeping on one side of the bed. Make room in your bathroom etc. If you have put on your list that you want someone who cares about health and nutrition, you need to care about health and nutrition. If you want someone who likes to travel – get your passport ready. If you want someone who likes the outdoors get yourself a pair of hiking boots.  These kinds of action steps are showing the universe that you are serious about inviting love to stay.

So, it is you who is standing in the way of love? I hope I was able to help you see that there is a lot of clearing that can be done on your part to open the path for a loving healthy relationship. I will be offering a FREE audio guided meditation “The First Step To Clearing The Way For Love” as a free gift to my list, so be sure and sign up for my newsletter and free e-book on my home page. You don’t to miss this important opportunity for love. Coming Soon!